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Our work

House of Flamingo is a queer art collective that operates on the independent cultural scene in Zagreb as a platform for the development and visibility of drag culture. The programs of our collective respond to the need for a space of freedom, tolerance, mutual respect, and creativity in which artists and audiences of all gender, sexual, and other identity orientations can participate. We consciously place our social and cultural engagement in the spaces of clubbing, paying tribute to the beginnings of the movement for equality and visibility of queer identities and practices, and offering an extraordinary stage experience of the artistic practice of drag, which is part of the cultural and club offer of many world metropolises. You have been able to see us in many Croatian cities, and even in every major ex-Yu city; and if you want to see us again, we suggest you skip to the "Contact" section at the bottom of the page right now.


DRAGram is a multi-day festival that aims to promote drag and burlesque performers from Croatia and the world, and to create a space for the presentation and visibility of related artistic expressions and performance disciplines. DRAGram educates audiences and the public about the cultural and social specificities of the queer population in a historical and contemporary context through its educational, interactive, and entertaining programming units. Within the framework of its seven thematic festival editions to date (2014-2020), we have brought over 20 international performers to the local audience, including globally known names such as Alaska 5000, Lasseindra Ninja, Joe Black, Virgin Xtravaganzah, Miss Betsy Rose...


Our annual S.R.C.E. show, which has been held since 2017 for Valentine's Day, is defined by performances in tandem with the collective's resident acronym (Spazam Orgazam, Roxanne, Colinda Evangelista, and Entity). The program responds to the lack of queer cultural and performance offerings in Zagreb in the run-up to the so-called "Valentine's Day" and provides a safe space for queer couples to celebrate and spend time together. All others who are single fall in love head over heels for those on stage anyway. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we produced an online edition of this show for the first time in 2021.


The FANNY PACK after-Pride program was created in response to the need for high-quality and thoughtful club content after the Zagreb Pride Parade, and as a continuation of the experience we gained in organizing Pride Partycipation in 2017 and 2018. The event is typically attended by up to 1,000 people, making it our largest and most challenging production in a club setting. In 2021, the performance was on tour for the first time, and was staged as part of the Pride celebrations in Split and Pula.


SPOLNOĆKA is our pop-up performance with which we periodically surprise the local audience with a festive performance arrangement. The word "SPOLNOĆKA" is a portmanteau of the words "spol" (gender) and "noć" (night). It is a play on words that can be translated as "Gender Night" or "Queer Night." The program also provides a symbolic refuge for queer audiences, like a Bethlehem stable, which are particularly at risk of alienation from their normative family environments during the holiday season.


We don't just perform at our own productions. Some of our favorite events in our illustrious career have been collaborations with other artists and guest appearances at various events. We have performed at several weddings, half of one wake, bachelorette parties (no bachelor parties, sorry), read fairy tales to children, won awards at some popular music festivals, appeared in several music videos and TV series, and even had a few films made about us. We love getting photos of ourselves taken the most. Do you have any ideas for a great collaboration that sounds like something we would be interested in? Contact us in the Contact section below!

Contact us

If you have any questions, a good offer, or simply want advice on how to make your butt look as big as possible, please do not hesitate to contact us via any of the methods listed below!